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Ray Zod is a highly acclaimed international composer, conductor, arranger, and concert pianist. His natural gift of creating a variety of rich melodies, in addition to his colorful orchestration, has made his style of music quite unique and pleasurable.

Attending the Music Conservatory of Vienna, Austria, and the Royal Music Academy of London, England, and taking private sessions with some of the most outstanding classical, traditional and pop style composers and concert pianists such as Anoushiraven Rohani; Javad Maroufi; Ariana Barkeshly, Ph.D.; Professor Morteza Hannaneh; Professor Emanuel Malik-Aslanian; Professor Christian T. David, Ph.D.; Professor Jerry Ying Hahn, Ph.D.; and Professor Mikhail Morgovskya, Ph.D.; are merely parts of his extensive academic background.

Ray Zod's sold-out concerts have been performed in some of the most prestigious concert halls including the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC., Dr. Martin Luther King Center for the Performing Arts in Chicago, North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie, IL, Memphis Performing Arts Center in Tennessee, and the Los Angeles Performing Art Center in California.

Ray Zod was selected as the State of California's Youngest Symphony Orchestra Conductor by conducting his own symphony orchestra at a fully sponsored concert held at U.C.L.A. on October 21st, 1991. One of his compositions, "Jewel of the Night", written for a musical play and video received the Aurora's Platinum Award in 1999.

In October 1999, Ray Zod had the honor of receiving the key to the City of Ormond Beach, Florida, presented by Mayor Dave Hood. In May 2000, he was invited to Daytona Beach, Florida, to perform as the Guest of Honor at the Final Peabody Auditorium Fiftieth Anniversary Concert. Ms. Helen S. Rigger, Cultural Arts and Tourism Administrator for Daytona Beach wrote in appreciation, "Your performance was outstanding and inspiring to those of us who were fortunate enough to attend your concert. Our community was certainly blessed to have someone with your talent help us promote cultural understanding."

"Silver Tears", one of Ray Zod's most recent compositions, was chosen as a finalist for the Best Instrumental Song in the U.S. Songwriting Competition, the world's leading songwriting competition, in the year of 2005.

Ray Zod currently resides in West Los Angeles, and has recently produced an instrumental album of his own compositions entitled "New Life". This album contains all the elements of Ray Zod's unique style and has been arranged for the piano, symphony orchestra and electronic orchestra combined. "Silver Tears", which was previously mentioned, is one of the songs in the album.

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